Domain and activities


  • International Schools
  • Workshops and specialized Conferences
  • Contribution in teaching to Masters of Science in Materials within the field of “Modelling & Simulation”.

Campus site:
International courses are to be held in the Saclay plateau region at INSTN
(National Institute of Nuclear Sciences & Technology), at Versailles
University (UVSQ), and at University Paris-Sud 11 at Orsay.


  • Multi-scale Simulation/Modelling in Materials for applications in:


    • Solar Energy, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Thermo-electricity, Fusion,
    • Fission, …

Clean Transportation and Materials for Advanced Applications

    • Aerospace, new electric cars, composite materials, super alloys,
    • nanomaterials
  • Basic and Applied Research

The Chair may allocate Research contracts according to criteria of
excellence within research teams of the founding institutions and of the
scientific and industrial partners. Several thesis research topics will also be
offered by the numerous laboratories of the founding institutions on
various current technological issues of interest in today’s industries.

Expertise and Consulting

Case studies of materials and the conditions in which they are used