MINOS Workshop II: Irradiation of nuclear materials, flux and dose effects

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Date(s) - 11-04-2015 to 11-06-2015
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INSTN - CEA Cadarache

Scope and objective of the workshop Created in 2011 by the Nuclear Energy Division of CEA, the French leader for research on materials for nuclear applications, the MINOS Centre of Excellence for Nuclear Materials sustains fundamental and applied research related to the behavior of materials and nuclear structures in severe environments. Increasing the safety level and lifespan of current reactors, optimizing waste management, and developing new materials for 4th generation systems (fast reactors) are the major issues with which MINOS is highly concerned. In order to promote research on nuclear materials, to reinforce the visibility of CEA in this field, to identify new topics of research, and to contribute to training activities in the domain of materials science, MINOS organized a workshop on nuclear materials in December 2012. This event was followed by an international school in April 2014 on the modelling of corrosion in nuclear reactors. In order to effectively extend the life of current nuclear power plants and to develop advanced materials for next generation fast and fusion reactors, it is essential to identify and understand the mechanisms of irradiation damage and to develop predictive models. These models are not only necessary to describe irradiation-induced microstructure evolution but also to predict the role of this microstructure in the evolution of the mechanical behavior and the material properties. In this domain, neutron irradiation is an important source of atomic-scale microstructural disorders (cascades) that generate a large number of structural defects (vacancies, loops, solute clusters, segregation, precipi-tates, etc.). These defects could lead to various phenomena that affect the macroscopic physical and mechanical properties, such as hardening, embrittlement, swelling, creep, and cracking. These detrimental phenomena can reduce the efficiency and operability of nuclear power plant parts and components (i.e. fuel, claddings, internals, pressure vessels for PWR’s). This workshop will provide the opportunity to address specific topics related to state-of-the-art research on the effects of irradiation on materials used in existing reactors and materials intended for future nuclear systems (for fission or fusion). Structural materials (mainly metallic alloys) and fuel will be the main issues. Other materials, such as composites, nuclear glass, and polymers, will also be considered. Emphasis will be given to flux and dose effects. The workshop will consist of four sessions, and each one will combine keynotes by leading scientists and lectures by experts in materials science and nuclear engineering. The workshop will be held at the National Institute for Nuclear Science & Technology (INSTN) in Cadarache, France. It is organized by the CEA Nuclear Energy Division with the support of the INSTN.